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Egg Products

At Cherry Lane® Family Farms, we manufacture our own egg products.

Chef-Select-logoOur Chef’s Select® Egg Product lines include yolks, whole eggs, whites and whole egg blends in the size and packaging that works best for you.

On-site inspection programs help us to strictly enforce the level of quality we’ve prided ourselves on maintaining since our inception. No egg products leave our plants without having passed the close scrutiny of USDA inspectors and tested by our USDA certified onsite lab.

  • Organic Whole Egg
    Certified Organic fresh whole egg
  • Cage-free Whole Egg
    Fresh whole eggs from cage-free hens
  • Whole Eggs
    Fresh whole eggs
  • Salted Whole Eggs
    Fresh whole eggs, 10% +/- 0.2% Salt added
  • Saltex
    10% +/- 2% salt, 70% whole egg, 20% yolk
  • Advantage (frozen)
    Fresh whole eggs with citric acid
  • Eggstra (liquid)
    Fresh whole eggs with citric acid
  • Chefs' Tex
    Fresh whole eggs, egg yolks, corn syrup, salt
  • Plain Yolks
    Fresh egg yolks
  • Salted Yolks
    Fresh egg yolks, 10% +/- 0.2% salt added
  • Sugar Yolks
    Fresh egg yolks, 10% +/- 0.2% sugar added
  • Plain Egg Whites
    Fresh egg whites
  • E.Z. Whip Whites
    Fresh egg whites, sodium citrate and triethyl citrate as whipping agents, xanthan gum for foam stability
  • E.Z. Egg Blend
    Fresh whole eggs, corn oil, citric acid, xanthan gum
  • Hard Cooked Eggs
    Shelled Whole Eggs in pillow packs or brine.

*Liquid available in select products.